Tipping Etiquette In New Jersey

Tipping Etiquette in New Jersey

Hiring a limo service in New Jersey is one of the most exciting ways to make good memories with your family when visiting the city. You know running such joyful itineraries needs good resources, and you have realized that hiring a chauffeur-driven limo for your journey is your best decision. So giving some extra money to the chauffeur is your next movement to symbolize your gratitude. This is what we call tipping.

In reality, you won’t hesitate to give a few bucks to waiters in the restaurant. But you may think harder regarding limo services in New Jersey. Tipping is a social etiquette in the community. While tipping is considered a dishonor in some cultures, it is acceptable for both parties. From the customer’s point of view, they feel thankful for such exceptional services delivered by the chauffeur. From the chauffeur’s point of view, receiving tips is a reward for their excellent service.

Let’s think about this for those unsure. Chauffeurs are punctual.

They wait for you in the appointed place 10 – 15 minutes before the meeting. They greet you with a smile, help you load the luggage, open the door for you, ask you if there is anything you need, adjust the AC for you, turn the music on for you, drive you to the destinations intact, and perform their duties without complaining. Though the definition of exceptional service differs from one person to another, you will agree that some services are beyond expectation. When you find these, then there is no reason to hesitate to tip your driver. If you think you are glad that the person who drives you home is that chauffeur, it is fair to give him a decent tip. Speaking about the nominal, it will depend on how much you assess the quality of service. We will provide you with an example below.

  • Normal: tip 10%
  • Good: bonus of 15%
  • Exceptional: extra 20%

But again, that depends on your assessment and how much you want to spare your money. With this simple guide, you will excel in tipping your chauffeur. Not to mention that the chauffeur will remember your name and put you on their favorite customer list. The next moment you hire the same service, you already have bonded with the driver, making your journey much more fun.

Posted: 11.02.2022



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